We are passionate about Coffee

Our signature blend is was originally made onsite in our very own coffee roaster, it is a Medium Dark 'Full City Roast' in the Italian tradition and the blend is a mixture of the following beans. Sumatra Organic (Java), Costa Rica Re Rios, Colombian Medellin Excelso and Ethiopian Mocha.

Our staff are trained Baristas who understand the bean and the process. Our coffee and equipment are tested each morning to allow for the humidity changes that affect the daily taste of the coffee.

We also run a ‘Roast of the Month’ to run along-side our signature blend, as well as a decaffeinated option.

Gelato from our Gelateria

Gelato uses less milk than ordinary ice cream because it contains other ‘real’ ingredients such as Hazelnuts, Vanilla pods or Strawberries etc. It has a creamy, dense texture because less air is pumped in compared with standard ice cream.

We serve 16 different types of ice cream and sorbet at Java & Jazz. While John the owner goes for his favourite – chocolate & hazelnut, Adam, the manager, opts for the tasty ‘strawberries & cream’.
Jamie, the manager goes for White Italian as his choice.

I’m sure we’ve got your tasty favourite too – plus look out for specials.

Pizza is at the core of Java & Jazz

We serve up to 1,000 pizzas per week! We offer traditional and gluten free bases for pizzas with a large range of different toppings.

Our pizzas are stone-baked are served with Java’s own freshly made pomodoro sauce and mozzarella as can be served as an 11” or 14”.

We offer vegetarian and vegan pizzas so everyone can have a favourite, as well as an option for vegan cheese.

Everyone loves pasta

Pasta has become a familiar dish on the menu at Java & Jazz.

You can choose from classic dishes such as Lasagne Verde, Spaghetti Bolognese, or there’s the vegetarian Penne Pomodoro.

We also have a non- pasta dish – Melanzane Parmigiana, which is a tasty bubbling mix of sundried aubergines layered with fresh mozzarella, baked in tomato and basil sauce with parsley, parmesan and garlic.

Salads, we’ve got plenty!

You could enjoy mixed leaves tossed with Java’s Caesar dressing, fresh parmesan and croutons, or our signature salad the ‘Java & Jazz Salad’ and comes with tender chicken breast, bacon, avocado, roasted peppers and croutons on a bed of mixed leaves, tomatoes and cucumber with pesto dressing.

So many options to choose from!

Healthy eating and drinking

We're passionate about healthy eating and drinking at Java & Jazz, so we have created a menu that celebrates some of the healthiest food and drink we can offer.

These include a number of vegan treats, our own Buddha bowl, with 3 types of Quinoa and either tofu, halloumi or chicken, as well as gluten and dairy free pizzas.

With many more options to choose from, we hope to inspire you to live a healthy life whilst enjoying delicious food and drink.

Java & Jazz Reviews

"Best vegan breakfast/brunch ever?! I'm not vegan but was tempted by the amazing selection of food the 'Vegan Jazz' included - It did not disappoint. It was delicious! We lived in Tunbridge Wells 10 years ago and used to love coming to Java & Jazz. We now live in North Wales but we were back in the area for a funeral and treated ourselves to brunch. All enjoyed our food, thank you."
Menna, North Wales
Perfect lunch stop on the way to London. Excellent fish finger sarnie, care taken to toast the ciabatta, superb coleslaw - so good I had to ask for an extra helping - and great coffee. Topped off by really warm and generous service. Top draw!
Roger, London
"We visited Java and Jazz for breakfast. My friend chose the vegan breakfast which he said was excellent. All meals were delicious and we cleared our plates. The staff were really attentive and friendly. We were even allowed to bring pour little dog and and he was given a bowl of water from the staff. We will definitely be back"
Nicola, London
"The best vegan pizzas! Hassle-free online ordering service with a handy countdown to delivery time. Java and Jazz make amazing food. Their delivery service was second to none, with hot pizzas delivered on time and by a very friendly delivery person. Caters well for vegans with great toppings and vegan cheese"
Minky, East Grinstead
"Have been going to Java for many years and the quality has always been good. Great Pizza, sandwiches etc. Fun staff. Right on the main road to East Grinstead. Parking can be a bit of a problem, but worth it just for a milkshake."
Garry, London

Great food and great atmosphere

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